What's your favourite ChatGPT prompt How do you use it in your everyday work

What is your favourite ChatGPT prompt? I asked my favourite marketers

I asked some of my favourite marketers how they use ChatGPT and what their favourite prompts are.

Here’s what I got!

I asked the following marketers:

…what their favourite GPT pompts are and what they find it most helpful for. This is what they told me:

Gordana Sretenovic
– co-founder at Workello

Gordana Sretenovic - co-founder at Workello

How do you use chatGPT?

“I just recently started using it seriously, and currently I use it to help me with video scripts for YouTube videos. I take our existing TL articles and ask ChatGPT to figure out what the main talking points are, separate them into clear sections, and help me create bullets I can use to create video scripts. Cuts the work I do in almost half and allows me to focus on more creative aspects of video production.”

Your favourite GPT prompt?

“Your goal is to create the best YouTube video on [topic]. Take [this article text] and extract the most important talking points and separate them by category/theme. Write in the style of video bullet talking points.

I’m still refining this process and changing the prompt constantly, but this is the gist of it.”


Agata Krzysztofik – VP of Growth at GrowthMentor & Fractional VP of Growth at MeetAgata

Agata Krzysztofik - VP of Growth at GrowthMentor & Fractional VP of Growth at MeetAgata

How do you use chatGPT?

“ChatGPT is great for researching statistics related to a specific topic. They can then be used on the website, in sales collateral, or in the blog posts to help you prove a point.

ChatGPT is also helpful when doing a keyword research or creating content briefs for copywriters.”

Your favourite GPT prompt?

Keyword research: “Provide me with a list of cluster keywords for a blog post optimized for the main keyword “X”. Indicate the number of times each keyword should occur in the blog post”

Blog brief/outline: “ Create a 300-400 words blog post outline for the blog topic “XYZ,” including an introduction, H2, and H3 titles, and bullet points.”

Statistics research: “Provide me with specific data points showcasing the impact of “X” on the company growth. Add sources for the data points and links to the sources”

Kas Szatylowicz – Head of Organic Growth at V7

Kas Szatylowicz - Head of Organic Growth at V7

How do you use chatGPT?

I often use ChatGPT to generate ideas for ads and landing pages, as well as to suggest headlines and other copy. The copy you are reading now is (no surprise here) written by ChatGPT itself. Most recently, I’ve also used it to write some product documentation and to generate relevant FAQs about V7 to be able to optimize our landing pages for SEO.

Your favourite GPT prompt?

“Suggest similar titles/description to…” – helped me generate more copy ideas when I have to recycle content or create versions of it.


Mery Minasyan – Content Specialist at SayNine

Mery Minasyan - Content Specialist at SayNine

How do you use chatGPT?

I use ChatGPT for different content tasks, including writing guest posts, generating titles and outlines (I’m currently following the outline prompt you’ve provided on LinkedIn.) In some cases, we use content skills to insert client anchors into existing blog articles so that we can build links for them. So, ChatGPT is helpful here too, but not always 🙂 We always make sure to recheck and edit, if needed.

Your favourite GPT prompt?

My favorite prompt is “Insert the following keyword [keyword] in this paragraph: [paragraph]” This helps me speed up the process of inserting client anchors into existing blogs. Even if it can’t complete the task, it still helps identify a way to do it manually.

Ben Goodey – Founder at How the F*ck – www.seocasestudy.com

Ben Goodey - Founder at How the F*ck - www.seocasestudy.com

How do you use chatGPT?

I mostly use GPT-4 as a content summarizer and idea generator. For example, if I need to think of related-topics for keyword research, I’ll ask it for some. Or if I’m creating a content brief, I’ll ask it for FAQs and unique angles for discussion.

Recently, I’ve been using it to pull expert quotes out of my podcast transcripts. For example, if I’m making a LinkedIn carousel or blog post on the best quotes about scaling content production, I upload parts of a transcript and ask it for ideas. It works REALLY well at correcting transcripts, but even GPT4 only pulls genuinely insightful quotes about 30% of the time. Still, it saves a lot of time.

A final way it has become part of my processes is as a final check. For example, I put a blog post or LinkedIn post in before putting it live and say, “what have I missed? how can this be improved?”

Your favourite GPT prompt?

“Here is a podcast transcript [“insert”].

Please go through the text and fix:

Where the person was misunderstood.
Remove filler words “um, uh, oh, er, ah” when used incorrectly.
Remove repeated parts or where the person stutters.

We want this to read really smoothly.

There are two speakers in the transcript. Please also label a change of speaker.”

Stefan Repin – Fractional CMO @ luckboosters.com

Stefan Repin - Fractional CMO @ luckboosters.com

How do you use chatGPT?

I use it to craft outreach for podcast guests and ABM strategies: I feed chatGPT information all over the internet on that person, take it from Linkedin or Twitter, feeding Tweets and Facebook statuses as well. The more info I have, the better my response. And I ask chatGPT questions like:

“Get me an outreach that would stand out considering this person’s hobbies and likings” after that I ask chatGPTwhat are some podcast questions I could dig in, considering his or her background.

One more level of personalization is when I use the information provided by crystalknows and feed that one as well into the chatGPT monster. That helps me stand out when I do outreach, when I create sales enablement materials, having the context already on the person I ask what pains this person has at work and together with chatGPT I create sales enablement materials that stand out for that person and are 100% personalized. It also works well with physical gifts.

Your favourite GPT prompt?

I have described above but overall chatgpt helps me personalize the experience for the outreach and deliver a unique outreach which speaks to that person, if I refine it enough it will even lean into that person’s tone and voice, bc it will use words that person uses often. personalization 101 🙂

Tomasz Niezgoda – Head of Marketing @ https://surferseo.com

Tomasz Niezgoda - Head of Marketing @ https://surferseo.com

How do you use chatGPT?

ChatGPT – specifically the version based on GPT-4 – is my writing partner. I use it to improve my emails, marketing campaign descriptions, and internal messages. It saves me time and helps me brainstorm, but also challenges ideas. ChatGPT is an essential tool that enhances my productivity and creativity.

Your favourite GPT prompt?

Tomasz’s favourite prompt is here: https://twitter.com/aaditsh/status/1636398212536737798?s=20

Vincent zu Dohna – Founder @ Inhaber and https://www.gogoodshift.com/

Vincent zu Dohna - Founder @ Inhaber and https://www.gogoodshift.com/

How do you use chatGPT?

First drafts from bullet points, analyzing data, PR and content ideas from input data.

Your favourite GPT prompt?

Many, but here’s one: “How would you visualize the following information in an infographic for our article on [topic]: [paste in interesting or nuanced article section/data / statistics]”. This quickly helps me to come up with ideas on how to visualize concepts in Canva to create image assets. Helps with engaging readers, ranking in image search, link building via reverse-image search (don’t include your logo), social media distribution etc.

And how do you use chatGPT for marketing? Let me know in the comments! 😎

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