Content Experiments 6 months later – Preliminary results from Programmatic SEO + Content Transaltions

2023 has been a year of experiments in our marketing department so far. Programmatic SEO, Content Translations, Image Passive Link Building, AI videos, LinkedIn Articles – this is what we’ve planned. The idea behind all these experiments was to pick some “low hanging fruit” – activities with a low effort score, that would allow us to milk more conversions from our existing, top-converting content. So far, we’ve implemented two of the above: 1) ProgrammaticSEO –we created and published 194 posts programmatically from 2 databases – tools database, and use case database) and 2) Content translations: we translated our 45 top-converting posts into 14 languages (German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Portugese, Norsk, Dannish, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Russian, Mandarin) – based […]

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