Exact Match Subfolders vs. Exact Match Domains – a Small SEO Hack that Can help you Rank Faster?

Exact match domains (EMDs – e.g. www.bestplumberisleofdogs.com, www.dogsittingshoreditch.co.uk) used to be a popular SEO hack that was abused by SEOs to the point it was contained by Google update from 2012. But “exact matches” still have a place in the SEO/content game – but not as exact match domains or achors. Meet Exact Match Subfolders – a method of organizing your content hierarchy in a way that helps Google understand your content-topic relevance and helps you rank faster, without exact match domains. What are Exact Match Subfolders? Exact match subfolders are subfolders on your domain that match the keyword you want to rank for. They are a perfect “home” for your topical pillar pages – which can live on their […]

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