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This is why your content marketing strategy is not working!

Do you know why your content marketing strategy is not working? I do. Most likely – you don’t have any. Your blog story – why your content marketing strategy doesn’t work You know the story. You have a business, so you decide to start a company blog to promote it. You write a new blog post every week. You don’t really have the time to do proper research. You come up with topics as you go. Promotion? Yes, you use a social media scheduler to share your blog post on your Facebook business page and on your Twitter account. You do this for a few weeks and…nothing happens. Silence. Crickets. Yiiiyks!  You feel like giving up. You announce to yourself (and […]

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Tweepi DIY Marketing Guide

How to grow your Twitter following *fast*

Ok, it’s a bit embarrassing but I have to tell you something… I’ve been on Twitter since 2010 (I think!) and I never really got the hang of it. I’m not a big Twitter-er…and yet, some of my content agency clients love it and find it amazing for driving traffic to their website…and getting them a high ranking on Capterra…(actually, that was the main motivation for the client). What could I do? Learn? Sweat? Outsource?! I’ve guessed it. I’m a massive fan of outsourcing. In fact, if I could, I’d outsource everything in my life short of eating…well, you know, almost everything 😉 So I got Andy, one of our phenomenal US copywriters, to work on the clients’ Twitter account. […]

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