How to get *everything* you want in 2019

Happy New Year! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and a great New Years Eve! Now that you have (hopefully 😉 ) recovered from the festivities, you may be thinking about your New Year Resolutions. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how to get *everything* you want in life in 2019 😉

The first step is – DON’T make any New Year Resolutions!

I used to make New Year Resolutions and like the majority of people making them – I never actually accomplished them.

As a result – it made me feel like a failure at the beginning of each year. Thinking of all the resolutions I had failed to accomplish in the last 12 months – call it getting off to a good start…

This year was different though…

came to terms with NOT accomplishing a lot of things and not beating myself up for it.

I realised that I *always* accomplish what I *really* want to.

Sounds crazy, I know, but I actually think I always get what I really want. 

Like last year I really wanted to launch my app –  Find in China.

I really wanted to smash my PB (1:41) in half-marathon.

I really wanted to travel. And read one book every week.

I really wanted to start a marketing blog and make a real difference to people who are just starting a business.

And I accomplished all of these things.

And no, I’m not saying it was always fun.

I had to work 12 hour days for several weeks and invest a few thousand pounds with no guarantee of return.

I had to train 4 times a week and eat *really* healthy (and yes, lose weight too…)

I had to put up with the discomforts of backpacking through 11 developing countries on my own, spend a lot of money on it and sacrifice some business goals.

I had to give up on some social life and spend a few nights every week on doing research, writing long and informative posts, that sometimes *nobody* read for the first couple of weeks, because my website was in Google sandbox and social media marketing has become kind-of-hard.

But I didn’t really complain or give up. Sometimes I let things slip a bit but I still didn’t give up. I didn’t look for excuses, I looked for opportunities.

Because these were the things that I genuinely wanted to do. Not some arbitrary ‘I-want-to-lose-weight-because-the-society-tells-me-I-should-be-skinny-but-I-don’t-really-have-a-real-incentive-to-do-so’ kind of New Year Resolutions.

There are things I did not accomplish too, even tough I thought about them and I thought they would be ‘nice to have’:

– I didn’t learn Mandarin. AT ALL. I didn’t study Swedish one hour a day either.

– I didn’t 10 X my agency income. Hell, I hardly did any work in my business. Shame on me. No, actually sorry, not sorry.

Now: if you genuinely want to start a business this year – I am sure you will do whatever it takes and I am sure you will succeed. You will find a way.

If you don’t know something, you will be googling your way all the way to the right answer.

You will learn. Even if it means learning to program (which I personally find absolutely daunting! :O ) and staying up late to learn from that course.

You are going to figure it out.

And if you don’t – don’t beat yourself up. Don’t use your family, your finances or your job – or whatever- as an excuse why you didn’t start that business (again).

Be honest with yourself and say – I just didn’t really want it.

And it’s fine. Really.

Now, if you see that this is what you are really determined to accomplish this year and you find yourself frantically looking for a way to do so – I have a few *useful* things for you:

1) DIY Marketing Guide – it’s covering all you need to know about starting a business and getting tangible results (a logo, a WordPress website + online store, 1000 followers on Instagram) in 30 days. Still available in pre-sale for a 50% lower price. And yes, if you’re not happy with it – you get the money back no questions asked.

2) If you need a website, I am offering a simple WordPress website with 5 pages + website copy for the price of website copy only – £ 199 – valid only till the end of January. If you’re interested, contact me here or on

Anyway, whatever your goal for 2019 is – I am sure you will accomplish it if you really want it!

All the best to you in the New Year!

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Emilia is a passionate SaaS marketer specializing in content marketing. She's currently the Head of Marketing at Userpilot, a Product Growth Platform for SaaS.

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