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What is growth hacking?

I’ve recently been to a really thought-provoking growth hacking marketing seminar led by Adam Wesolowski (co-founder of, former CMO of PizzaPortal, acquired by Delivery Hero for 120 mln euro – so someone who really knows what he was talking about).

By a coincidence, I’ve just been reading Marketing Growth Hacking, and wanted to share some insights with you as well.


If you have not heard the term before, (marketing) growth hacking is basically using ‘scientific methods’ (i.e. experimentation) to discover which marketing channels result in most ‘growth’ – instead of investing in traditional marketing methods that focus on building brand exposure.


Simply put: instead of putting dough into ads, you experiment, experiment, experiment – with various innovative marketing ‘hacks’ – from adding your company website with a catchy call to action (think ‘I love you, …’) to your email signature, through paying your users to recommend other users, through testing different graphics for the same FB ads, doing ‘viral-likely’ ‘stunts’ on camera (think Richard Branson! He seems to have pioneered growth hacking way before the term was actually coined (2012!) ) – sky is the limit.


You may ask yourself: but can I use growth hacking if I’m self-employed/ a blogger/ a small lifestyle business?!


Yes you can, and you probably should – given you don’t have the marketing budget to waste on unstrategic activities like the big brands.


Set yourself a goal (e.g. 10 more clients, 1000 more email subscribers) and brainstorm 5 creative ways how you can possibly achieve the goal. Then break them down into actionable steps and devise KSIs (Key success indicators = when do you know the tactic is working?). Test each idea for 1-2 weeks as intensly as you can, focusing only on this one. If it brings the right ROI (return on investment) – continue doing it on a larger scale. If not – move on to the next tactic.


Let me know if you’ve ever used growth hacking methods in your business – and if so, how – and whether they worked.


Happy growth hacking! 😉

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