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How to use GPT-4 for SEO Content creation?

GPT4 dropped last week and after its amazing product announcement, we know it will change the world even more. But how useful is it for streamlining content ops? Now that using AI is no longer subject to blanket bans, since On 8th February, Google announced on its Search Central blog that it’s going to be “rewarding high quality content, however it’s produced“. Still, I’m not planning to use GPT-4 for writing entire posts – its outputs often lack nuance, organization, and depth. But there are some useful ways how I’m planning to use it. Wanna get the exclusive programmaticSEO Templates included in this post, access to a content ops community and much more? Join my Content Operations Patreon membership!  1. […]

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content decay

How to do Old Content Updates and prevent Content Decay in Your SaaS?

Content Decay can derail your content strategy. And regular Content Updates are the only way to address it. This is what we found out at Userpiolt. By June 2021, I thought we nailed it. We’ve been able to publish around 40 blog posts per month consistently. We’ve hit our content velocity target! To my dismay though – the traffic not only didn’t follow our publishing velocity. It actually…declined. I felt equally terrified and embarrassed. What happened?! We looked at Google Analytics, Search Console, and run to our mentor. He came back with grim news: some of your old, best-performing content has decayed. This meant it actually lost its former position in SERPs, in one particular case dropping from #3 on […]

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Your content strategy is not working? Maybe your expectations are completely unrealistic

“We want to get to 50,000 monthly visitors by the end of the year!” “We want to 10 x our traffic in 6 months!” I hear such emphatic exclamations all the time. Problem is – they are rarely followed by a rational investment of resources, outputs, effort, and a content plan with a potential proportional to the ambitious goals. Setting such goals and not creating any actionable plans that would give you a chance to accomplish them is setting yourself up for failure. Worse still – if you’re the boss, you can set unrealistic expectations of your employees or team members, scare them, make them feel like failures and lead them to burn out and quitting. And that’s the last […]

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Content epics content ops

Scaling Content Operations – The Most Difficult Piece of The Puzzle

How to scale content operations? I’ve heard this question over and over, asked both by agency owners and in-house content managers. Scaling content ops is notoriously difficult because there are so many moving parts, and it’s so hard to create standardized operating procedures for such a creative task as writing. I had the same problem when we decided to up our ante with content creation and publish 32 blog posts per month. Initially, I thought hiring 2-3 full-time content writers would solve the problem – as we were publishing really niche content that required specialized knowledge and hours of training – but it didn’t. The content writers were burning out double time and we were nowhere near hitting the target […]

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content updates roi

Content Update ROI – How to Measure it with Google Data Studio?

Updating old content is all the rage in content marketing. But do you track and measure your content update ROI? I know a lot of SaaS businesses are not measuring the ROI from their content updates because it’s too tedious to dig the data up for each post. But there’s an easier way to do it. And it’s completely free. I’ve created some pivot tables with GA and GSC in Google Data Studio. Ever since my mentor John Leo Weber showed me the cool things one can do in Google Data Studio, I’ve been obsessed with it. 😅 But first, let’s see what content ROI metrics you should measure at all. Content update ROI metrics What should you measure when it […]

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growth hacking

What is growth hacking?

I’ve recently been to a really thought-provoking growth hacking marketing seminar led by Adam Wesolowski (co-founder of, former CMO of PizzaPortal, acquired by Delivery Hero for 120 mln euro – so someone who really knows what he was talking about). By a coincidence, I’ve just been reading Marketing Growth Hacking, and wanted to share some insights with you as well.   If you have not heard the term before, (marketing) growth hacking is basically using ‘scientific methods’ (i.e. experimentation) to discover which marketing channels result in most ‘growth’ – instead of investing in traditional marketing methods that focus on building brand exposure.   Simply put: instead of putting dough into ads, you experiment, experiment, experiment – with various innovative […]

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productivity lifehacks time management

I had the most productive morning of 2019 today. Here is why.

If you think the topic of work productivity strategies has been hammered to death left, right and centre – we are on the same boat. I thought so too. Until I had a dinner with two of my former classmates yesterday – both of whom are very successful businessman (Chris runs a software house employing 50+ people, Arthur runs a coworking space with a Gross Leasable Area of over 50299 sqft (!) – and both of them are under 30…yeah, I know, it makes me feel stupid as well. Somewhere between the starter and the desert, after we’ve been talking for an hour about their multiple work projects, real estate investments, their own hobbies ranging from off-piste skiing to sailing, […]

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What is ‘Repel Marketing’ and why does Gary Vee swear so much?

via GIPHY What is ‘Repel Marketing’? In a nutshell, it’s the art of repelling people who do NOT fit the description of your ‘ideal Client avatar’. (I must admit one thing: I did not invent the term ‘repel marketing’ myself. A friend of mine has recently recommended a podcast by Elizabeth Hartke (‘Scaling up’) to me – and – to be honest, the first two episodes didn’t really resonate with me. I was so intrigued by the title of the most recent one – ‘Repel Marketing – Attract & Convert Your Ideal Client’ so much though, I gave Liz another chance. ) And why is it so important? As a beginner entrepreneur, you may be tempted to ‘target anyone who […]

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Best WordPress template for a service business – create your website in 2 hours

You’ve decided to create your website on WordPress, you bought your hosting and domain (and if not, read my previous post for instructions), and now you’re sitting thinking ‘what next?’. There are thousands of amazing WordPress templates and it may be tempting to spend forever choosing and then customising them.  But if the only reason you need a website is so that you can start selling, why procrastinate by faffing around with your website? This post will walk you through the process of creating a great website for your service business in less than 2 hours! Choosing your template – Mesmerize This is what you see now when you log into your website. Go to ‘Appearance’ and select > ‘Themes’ […]

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How to get *everything* you want in 2019

Happy New Year! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and a great New Years Eve! Now that you have (hopefully 😉 ) recovered from the festivities, you may be thinking about your New Year Resolutions. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how to get *everything* you want in life in 2019 😉 The first step is – DON’T make any New Year Resolutions! I used to make New Year Resolutions and like the majority of people making them – I never actually accomplished them. As a result – it made me feel like a failure at the beginning of each year. Thinking of all the resolutions I had failed to accomplish in the last 12 months – call it getting off to a good start… This year […]

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