Must-have tools for content marketers

Content creation, content promotion, and content repurposing can become much easier if you have the right content marketing tools.  Tools that will help you plan your content marketing efforts in a more structured, evidence-based way (like keyword research or competition analysis tools), write your blog posts in a more SEO-friendly manner, and promote your content like a boss. Without further ado – ladies and gentlemen – here are some content marketing tools every marketer, writer and entrepreneur should know about it: PURPOSE TOOL LINK Competitor analysis – find out which blog posts of your competitors were most popular among your target audience – how many people shared them on different social media, who, and where. Why do you need to know this?  Gauging interest in your target audience […]

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Tweepi DIY Marketing Guide

How to grow your Twitter following *fast*

Ok, it’s a bit embarrassing but I have to tell you something… I’ve been on Twitter since 2010 (I think!) and I never really got the hang of it. I’m not a big Twitter-er…and yet, some of my content agency clients love it and find it amazing for driving traffic to their website…and getting them a high ranking on Capterra…(actually, that was the main motivation for the client). What could I do? Learn? Sweat? Outsource?! I’ve guessed it. I’m a massive fan of outsourcing. In fact, if I could, I’d outsource everything in my life short of eating…well, you know, almost everything 😉 So I got Andy, one of our phenomenal US copywriters, to work on the clients’ Twitter account. […]

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Instagram vs Pinterest

Instagram vs Pinterest for Business+ my Instagram growing strategy

How to use Instagram vs Pinterest for business? What are the main differences between them? Which business goals are Instagram and Pinterest best for? And how to achieve them on each platform? Check out the no-bs guide below! The different purposes of different social media The different reasons why users and businesses use Instagram vs. Pinterest How to use Pinterest for your business How to use Instagram for your business Sample post – case study – repurposing content Visual Social Media vs. Networking Social Media – Instagram and Pinterest vs. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Do you remember the last time you had this inspiring conversation  on Pinterest? No? Me neither. Well, that’s probably because people don’t use Visual Social Media […]

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wp dashboard

How to make a WordPress blog for your business (for less than $10 / year)

This post is a ‘how to make a WordPress blog for dummies’ tutorial with step-by-step photo instructions. You will be able to build a WordPress blog / website and online store, with all the SEO and email marketing tools you need for marketing your business *completely from scratch* (including hosting and domain registration!) in less than 2 hours, for less than $ 10 a year!  This tutorial is going to cover: Buying hosting and domain Customising your website template Setting up your online store Setting up your email marketing tool account Email Opt-in forms and Pop-up boxes  SEO tools Social media buttons Ready? Good luck!   So you’ve just started your business (or you have an *amazing idea* that doesn’t let you […]

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