Content Experiments 6 months later – Preliminary results from Programmatic SEO + Content Transaltions

2023 has been a year of experiments in our marketing department so far. Programmatic SEO, Content Translations, Image Passive Link Building, AI videos, LinkedIn Articles – this is what we’ve planned. The idea behind all these experiments was to pick some “low hanging fruit” – activities with a low effort score, that would allow us to milk more conversions from our existing, top-converting content. So far, we’ve implemented two of the above: 1) ProgrammaticSEO –we created and published 194 posts programmatically from 2 databases – tools database, and use case database) and 2) Content translations: we translated our 45 top-converting posts into 14 languages (German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Portugese, Norsk, Dannish, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Russian, Mandarin) – based […]

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Must-have Content Marketing Tools I Use to Run our Content Ops

I like to run our content ops lean, so the Content Marketing Tools I use are absolutely necessary for operations at our scale (approx. 40 blog posts per month). I’ll mention all the tools we’re using, from research through operations to writing and building links. Tools for Content Strategy/ Keyword Research – Ahrefs Content Gap Analysis, Keyword Cupid First of all – if you want to publish 40 blogs per month, you kinda need to know what you’re going to write about. I wrote about doing keyword research and creating your first content plan before, as well as creating content hierarchy – so I will just recap it in a nutshell here and focus on the tools. If you want […]

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Brighton SEO 2021 – Key Takeaways + Best Talks

Brighton SEO 2021 (the live September edition) was my first time at the iconic conference and at the same time my first in-person event after the pandemic. To be perfectly honest – after the first day, I was a little disappointed. I expected the talks to be more advanced and inspiring, and I expected to meet more people from the B2B SaaS SEO/Content Marketing/ link-building space. I also expected more well-known speakers – SEOs and CMOs from successful startups.  Instead, the majority of both speakers and participants seemed to hail from the agency side. A number of talks seemed biased and auto-promotional. But still – I managed to: glean some good insights from a few talks – on link building […]

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Exact Match Subfolders vs. Exact Match Domains – a Small SEO Hack that Can help you Rank Faster?

Exact match domains (EMDs – e.g., used to be a popular SEO hack that was abused by SEOs to the point it was contained by Google update from 2012. But “exact matches” still have a place in the SEO/content game – but not as exact match domains or achors. Meet Exact Match Subfolders – a method of organizing your content hierarchy in a way that helps Google understand your content-topic relevance and helps you rank faster, without exact match domains. What are Exact Match Subfolders? Exact match subfolders are subfolders on your domain that match the keyword you want to rank for. They are a perfect “home” for your topical pillar pages – which can live on their […]

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Content Hierarchy for SaaS – The Winning Formula for SEO Content Marketing in 2021

“What’s your content hierarchy? What’s your inner linking strategy? It seems like you don’t have any.” – our mentor said to me in our call and it slapped me in the face. Then, as he (he who scaled his SaaS from $ 2 million to $12 million ARR in two years!) went on to explain it, I felted stumped. It was so simple, and yet so powerful. How come we haven’t come up with it before?! Now, if you’re starting a new SaaS business, you’re probably thinking of using content marketing and SEO as your acquisition channel. OK, everyone’s “doing” content these days and every company has a blog. But now, where do you start? You should start from keyword […]

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Niche content – the best SEO Hack for Low DR Websites in Competitive Industries

Niche content is your 1-minute SEO hack if you’re a small fish in a red ocean:  Take a high-KD keyword you’d have no chance ranking for like “email marketing”, “newsletter templates” “social media marketing strategy” etc. and add “for {niche}”. …For churches  …For dentists  …For language schools  Drives traffic & converts like a dream.  I’ve run this playbook several times.  When to use the niche content SEO strategy? Towards the end of 2019, I created a content strategy for a small Swedish email marketing tool. It didn’t involve just *blogs*, but also creating actual whole drip campaign templates for some *very* specific niches, they could just plug and play if they signed up. And blogs to promote these templates. My […]

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