Why I’m gonna wear the same dress to all your weddings

We’re over halfway through the year and I haven’t bought a single item of clothing. I’m turning 30 this year and like most people my age – I have a lot to celebrate. All these second-coming-of-age birthday parties. And weddings. Lots of weddings. A lot of my (female) friends fret about their outfits for those occasions. There’s this weird, arbitrarily imposed urge to wear a different outfit to every important event in the female demographic that Adrianna Huffington addressed back in 2017 (‘Why I wear the same dress over and over’).  Things like where you put your personal time aside, this has disastrous effects on our planet – little do we think that fast fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in […]

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4 pillars of effective content marketing strategy_postfity

This is why your content marketing strategy is not working!

Do you know why your content marketing strategy is not working? I do. Most likely – you don’t have any. Your blog story – why your content marketing strategy doesn’t work You know the story. You have a business, so you decide to start a company blog to promote it. You write a new blog post every week. You don’t really have the time to do proper research. You come up with topics as you go. Promotion? Yes, you use a social media scheduler to share your blog post on your Facebook business page and on your Twitter account. You do this for a few weeks and…nothing happens. Silence. Crickets. Yiiiyks!  You feel like giving up. You announce to yourself (and […]

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Repurposing your content for Social Media + useful tools

Succeeding at content marketing is not about working harder. It’s about working smarter. Producing more content is not the key to success. What is then? Repurposing content for different promotion channels! In my last blog post I have discussed the different Content Promotion Channels, aka where you can promote your content. We have mentioned sharing your content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram), in groups and forums, on bookmarking and syndication websites, as well as doing guest posts. What we have not discussed so far is how to do it, and how to repurpose content for each content promotion channel.  This post is going to focus on why repurposing content is essential for your content marketing success,  how to repurpose your content for […]

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Looking for inspiration? STOP.

First blog post ideas

You may be a rocket scientist, but coming up with your first blog post ideas will be still the hardest thing in the world. How to write that first  post when you are glaring at the blank screen, and inspiration just *doesn’t come*?  You feel like the clock is relentless, and instead of writing that killer post you’re on your 6th cup of coffee, you’ve watched three seasons of ‘Suits’ and your house has never been cleaner? I’ve often been there before! I would simply procrastinate and do everything not to start writing…and then the situation would often repeat the following day, leaving me more and more frustrated, and leaving my blog and content strategy shambles. It took me 5 […]

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