SurferAI PES article

SurferAI review – I used SurferSEO’s AI writing tool to write content & here’s the outcome

SurferAI is a new AI content writing tool that is going live as part of SurferSEO‘s Content Editor on 23 May. Basically, it’s generating the whole article for you from scratch (you can feed it with an outline though). In this post, I’m going to test it on two keywords (with different levels of “difficulty”) to see how it does, and show you how to edit them to make them publishable: product engagement score – easy and straightforward SERPs, mostly glossary type and blogs on “what is + how to improve [KW]”; SV – 90, KD – 2 ai for product marketers – more of a ‘thought leadership’ keyword, mixed SERP with little content on the topic, and zero SV. […]

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Ben Goodey from How the Fxck how he uses chatGPT

Ben Goodey from How the F*ck on how he grew his podcast + the future of SEO after chatGPT

I asked Ben Goodey from How the F*ck on how he grew his podcast to be able to leave his full time job as a Head of Demand in a startup, how he uses chatGPT  + the future of SEO after chatGPT – a super-insightful episode, dig in &. grab his prompts to speed up your content-scaling process! 📹 👉 Watch this episode on YouTube as well.  How Ben grew his How the F*ck podcast so he could leave his job and focus on it full-time?  Ben started his podcast early 2020 and his first interview with April Dunford (!) instantly went viral on Hacker News, bringing in 30,000 views, but it wasn’t until December 2022 that he decided to […]

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