GPT filling in usecase database

Quality human content vs. AI content – what’s the difference, and how to edit the AI content to improve it?

I’ve been beta testing SurferSEO’s new AI writing assistant and I’m mind-blown what it can do (it generates the whole blog post from a single keyword in a few minutes!). But it’s still not producing content that matches the quality of the top-ranking posts written by a subject matter expert. So in this post, I wanted to compare the outputs and see how we can adjust the AI-generated post to make it sound more…well, human like. I took the keyword “resource page link building” and generated a post using SurferAI. Then, I looked at the top-ranking result, which for me happened to be this ahrefs blog: Here’s what I found: Step 1: Compare intros. Remove fluff. Improve Time-To-Result. Let’s […]

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What's your favourite ChatGPT prompt How do you use it in your everyday work

What is your favourite ChatGPT prompt? I asked my favourite marketers

“What is your favourite ChatGPT prompt?’ I asked some of my favourite marketers how they use ChatGPT and what their favourite prompts are. Here’s what I got! I asked the following marketers: Gordana Sretenovic – co-founder at Workello Agata Krzysztofik – VP of Growth at GrowthMentor & Fractional VP of Growth at MeetAgata Kas Szatylowicz – Head of Organic Growth at V7 Mery Minasyan – Content Specialist at SayNine Ben Goodey – Founder at How the F*ck – Stefan Repin – Fractional CMO @ Tomasz Niezgoda – Head of Marketing @ Vincent zu Dohna – Founder @ Inhaber and …what their favourite GPT pompts are and what they find it most helpful for. This is what […]

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