Last-minute Digital Christmas Presents for Entrepreneurs – books I wish Santa gave me instead of socks

There are some presents a busy entrepreneur may appreciate more than another pair of socks or another mug. Whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself and want to give yourself a treat (or write a letter to Santa…) or you’re looking for inspiration for an entrepreneurial friend, these last-minute Digital Christmas presents  bring value and joy to any businessman and woman. And what’s more:  they are very environmentally-friendly, you won’t need to leave the house to buy them, and they are sure to get to the recipient on time no matter where they live. Must-have business books every entrepreneur wishes Santa brought them instead of socks I had a rather beautiful year this year (as of end of 2018) – first, I […]

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My First Office - DIY Marketing Guide

My first year in business – my 5 biggest mistakes and how you can do things differently

Do you remember when you decided to start your own business? I do. Because I was f*cking scared. I quit a good job to do it – so good in fact that my dad thought I went *crazy* and pretty much didn’t talk to me for the rest of the year. But before I could prove him wrong with my results, I had the most overwhelming and stressful time of my life. So much to learn, so little time (I had only enough savings to survive a few months without work). I felt like I had to get a university degree (ekhm…*again*!) just to make my first dollars. For the first 6 weeks or so I was spending all my waking hours […]

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